Composite Timber Products

Our new range of composite timber decking and fencing is here to meet your construction needs and preferences. These high quality products are made from 70% recycled timber powder and 30% recycled plastic.

Here at All Sydney Aluminium, we believe in expanding our products and services, and providing whatever needs you may have in construction.

Benefits of composite timber products

All Sydney Aluminium offers a great range of composite timber products because of their many benefits.

Composite timber products are designed to be long lasting and termite resistant. Their material ensures that the installations will be highly durable. They are designed not to warp, crack or split; they also do not need a lot of maintenance. Because of these benefits, composite timber products are perfect for installation near water exposure. It can also be installed in any location which would require long lasting, resilient products.

In terms of maintenance, basic regular cleaning is all that is necessary. Incidental scratches can be easily rubbed out with sandpaper. You won’t even need to recoat the product. This makes your purchase of composite timber products more cost-effective in the long term.

We value your preferences

We offer a great range of products because we believe in catering to your different needs and style preferences.


All Sydney Aluminium offers composite timber products in a variety of finishes. Finishes on offer include:

  • Grooved finish
  • Woodgrain Finish
  • Brushed Finish

Start working on your projects with our great quality products. And if you’re looking for a product or service you can’t find here in our website, contact us and we’ll do our best to find what you need.

Great products at affordable prices

We believe that looking good and having durable installations shouldn’t cost much. Call us for a free quote.

Refer below for a basic guide to pricing.

  • Decking board size (135 mm wide x 24 mm deep x 2700 mm long) costs $31.20 each
  • Keel (2700mm long) costs $8.30 each
  • Boards + Clips + Screws cost $90.50 per square metre
  • Boards + Clips + Screws + Keels cost $98 per square metre

Note that for every square metre, you will require approximately 7.3 metres of boards.