Aluminium Security Fences

What makes Aluminium so special?

As we, the human race, developed our metal honing skills ever since the iron age, the emphasis moved from the very strength of the metal to the multi-faceted goal we have today in the metallurgical industry that has grown so much in the last few decades.

That elusive, multi-faceted goal when it comes to the ideal metal is a mix of durability, flexibility and lightness. This translates into the ability to withstand any force trying to break its’ atomic structure, coated with the perk of it being easily transportable to any location – to be subsequently installed and used for a multitude of days.

The obvious and most logical choice, according to all possible parameters is the slick silvery-white, soft, nonmagnetic and very ductile metal called Aluminium. It is the third most abundant element in the core of our planet, after oxygen and silicon. It has an excellent head start against all rival elements who wish to steal its role.

Aluminium as an option for security fences- Amazing benefits

  • Light and easily transportable

Fences of all kinds require a material that is very malleable and not prone to inter-atomic fractures when being forced to fit in tight spaces and bend in unusual ways. Aluminium provides just that. It comes sugar coated with the fact that it is also very lightweight. It is therefore easily moveable by a single person with the help of a vehicle. The old fences constructed out of metal bars were way more impractical because of the sheer weight of the metal used. The amount of concrete work needed for the contraption to be set up in a right way was huge making it very expensive for the owner.

  • Flexible and easy to dismantle

It can be forged into flexible wires of high durability. The ability to withstand twisting for the sake of the fence that will secure your premises, home or otherwise – aluminium removes that problem out of the equation. A simple call to the handyman or a quick Google search by you can get the job done in one afternoon, following a visit to the local departmental store.

  • Resilient – Hard to cut through

One option is just to encircle your property, no matter the purpose of it, with a classic aluminium high-grade network, comprising of many wires interwoven into an elaborate contraption. It will both be hard to cut because of the resilience aluminium possesses. Same time, it will be not easy to climb on because of the smooth surface and small holes between wires. It will cause even the most experienced burglar or con artist to shake his head in disbelief as he ventures back home, discouraged. If, however, someone somehow manages to climb the fence and overcome the obstacle that it presents – he would most definitely be heard by then. How? Because the wires that comprise the fence are interwoven to exist freely and make lots of noise when they come in contact with each other, causing a quick call to the authorities to apprehend the suspect at large.

  • Excellent Conductor – Best for high-security purposes

If that scenario isn’t safe or secures enough for your desires, aluminium is an excellent conductor. It can also be used as a crucial, conducting part of an electrical fence. But we strongly discourage any readers from administering that safety measure around their premises. The consequence will most likely injure or severely incapacitate someone innocent, be it an animal or a human. This is usually a choice for high-end, high-security government buildings or premises of any kind, where the theft or a breach in might prove a big security issue for the organisation. It can be detrimental; therefore, the electrocution is administered so that the subject doesn’t think of breaching the perimeter, risk his life and the safety of others in the process.

  • Barbed wire top

Another, safer and more logical option, in the world of surveillance, is the barbed wire topping. At the very high end of the fence itself – it will prove as a surprise to the intruder and discourage him from breaking in further. Even if the intruder break-in, the moment of acknowledgement will be too late as the burglar will find himself with a couple dozen of cuts, scrapes and wounds from the sharp and flexible aluminium wire. It is designed to be the crown jewel of the first line of defence of any premises, government or otherwise.

  • The Aesthetics part – Paint

Another one on the list of many perks of this noble material is that paint adheres to the aluminium surface better than other material. The paint and surface form a bond that can stay resilient and perfect in appearance and performance for a long period of time.

  • Warranty and Cost

Long as in the fact that many manufacturers issue 50 year to lifetime warranties for their material – that’s how resilient and cost-efficient it is. The flexibility of the choice palette is also a big plus as aluminium fences are made in multiple grades ranging from light weight up to heavyweight industrial grade, all depending on the thickness and additions to the aluminium itself, providing the option of an ideal choice for anyone. And unlike other fences, the aluminium one doesn’t break when standing on steep terrain. All these factors caused its’ popularity to skyrocket in rural parts of the world in the last 5-10 years.

Aluminium Fences are the ultimate choice for everyone

As the world economy is growing in size, so do investment potentials and with aluminium being the most popular metal on the London and NYC Metal Exchanges, its popularity is more than ever, as more and more developing countries need it as a crucial part of their ambitious industrial plans.

So, investors, construction contractors and everyday folk alike, if you are on the hunt for the ultimate solution in perimeter security, and a solid first line of defence (keep in mind that aluminium fences are not miracle barriers and only reach their full securing potential when combined with other features) – this low in density and completely resistant to corrosion metal is one of a kind and way cheaper than some more “exclusive” variations of security for any kind of building. It tends to be easy to clean, proves itself completely weather resistant and has kicked wrought iron and steel of the most efficient metals ranking list. A smart choice indeed!

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